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Track Your Time!

Time tracking should be simple for the people who have to input timesheets! And it should have purpose.

pTimesheet is a lightweight, affordable, software as a service time tracking solution which is ideal for agile and waterfall development styles, and has great support for tracking time to non-planned support/ticket work. It comes with good reporting, and a mobile web user interface.

For software development teams, for creative agencies, for service organizations, if you bid fix price jobs, or estimate work and then need to find out how much it really took, pTimesheet is for you.

There are dozens of good hosted web based time tracking products on the market. Your time is valuable. Let’s cut straight to the chase… here’s a few reasons why you should stop evaluating pTimesheet right now!

  • If you want to do Human Resources compliance, automated client billing, project management, workflow approvals, payroll deductions, annual vacation accruals, nag employees daily if they ‘do not submit’, report and flag exceptions to managers, or wash the dishes, we suggest you find another product.
  • If you’ve got more than 100 people in your team, this product is not for you. The user interface is not geared to your needs, and the data model doesn’t have the overhead of org chart modeling.
  •  If you believe you should be paying in excess of $10 per user per month for a time tracking solution, we can recommend some great products such as Journyx, Replicon, Harvest, … the list is rather long. They do give you lots of features you’ll never use, and when you complete the administration setup, you will indeed feel like you got your money’s worth.
  • If you think that a good time tracking solution has to have bells, whistles, and desktop gadgets to clock on and clock off tasks, you are probably new to this job, and there are plenty of other products that offer these diversions.
  • If you really need more than three dimensions of time analysis (project/chunk, work type, tickets), there are products that will integrate with your chosen planning product to integrate down to the hourly task assignment level

Still here?  Cool!

Estimates Are The Key!

For the rest of us, here’s why pTimesheet is important.  The time we spend is our company’s profit or loss.  As software teams, creative agencies, or professional services leaders, we also know that when we win new business, The Estimate is the most important factor in whether we add to the profit margin, or whether we eat our shorts on a badly bid job.  We track time so that we can understand how we are performing against that estimate so we can improve it.  So that we can continuously improve that estimating.  If we get our estimates right, we can price better, we can win more business,  and execute with greater confidence.

We know that we have projects… projects get sliced into chunks of work (phases, sprints, iterations, tasks, deliverables, call it what you will)… if you also know what type of work people are doing (estimating, coding, fixing, testing, … do-ing) in those ‘chunks’, then you have a foundation model for estimating, understanding, and tracking work on projects, and getting the feedback loop going to improve your estimates.

For most software, agency, and service shops with clients though, that’s not quite enough.  We also get ‘tickets’ for customer support, product backlog, and other enhancement requests.  We have ‘keep-the-lights-on’ support and maintenance work.  Sometimes those tickets are planned into a product release, sometimes they are part of a customer service order. And you will often have the same people working on planned projects and support tickets.  However you organize, you need to track the work against those tickets too.

That’s just about all you need to make a big dent in managing your most precious resource.

Your Time


pTimesheet is practical time tracking so you can get on with your business and :-

  • Quickly set up projects and work units – low administration burden
  • Compare your actual time to your estimates
  • Track your projects and sprints
  • Track work against your ‘keep the lights on’ support tickets and non-planned work
  • Supports agile and waterfall development and delivery practices
  • See where the unplanned hours are going
  • Understand who is overloaded and when to plan for staff
  • Make continuous improvements in your planning, estimating, and execution
  • Easy reports and data export
  • Mobile device web user interface



Try it now!  You can take the demo site for a test run right now with no obligation…

User =

Password = guest

For an ‘Admin’ experience, you can also login as with password guestadmin.

You won’t have full admin rights to add users or edit the account, but you’ll be able to see and edit all the data in the account.

If you have any questions, email support @

If you’d like a deeper read, here’s the Getting Started guide!